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“If you want a different outcome you have to try a different approach.”

With our approach at Whole Family Homeopathy you can:

Get relief from your pain, discomfort, and suffering.

Cut through the confusion of the modern healthcare environment.

Reduce dependence on expensive and complex protocols.

Feel like your health concerns are truly heard and understood.

Get back to living a free and happy life.

Cloudy Mountaintop

What makes our approach different and how can we help you accomplish this?  Read more below.

  • Your initial visit is between 2-3 hours, not including extra time invested before and after your visit to ensure your case is understood and addressed appropriately.

  • Follow up visits are between 15-60 minutes, depending on your needs.  

  • The most important factor at every step of the process is making sure your unique situation is understood and your needs are met.

  • Conventional medicine is broken down into “specialists” (example: Dermatologists, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Psychologists, etc.) that have advanced levels of knowledge in their specific field.

  • Patients with complex chronic disease often see multiple specialists and receive separate treatment recommendations from each of them.  

  • While having specialists in different organ systems is important to make sure dangerous complications of disease doesn’t take place, patients can sometimes feel frustrated that no one understands the big picture of their health concerns.

  • Homeopathy views the person and their health problems as a single unity in which all symptoms in every organ system, physical and mental/emotional, are to be considered at all times.

  • As the saying goes, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

  • As an example, it’s common for someone’s physical symptoms such as pain and dysfunction to worsen when they experience increased anxiety, anger, or sadness; and vice versa.

  • Homeopathy always takes these relationships into account and recommends a single homeopathic remedy to help all of the most bothersome symptoms a person is dealing with – physical, mental, and emotional.

  • This results in more optimal outcomes for clients because their health and well-being improve as a whole.

  • For conventional medicine, your unique symptoms are important to the degree it helps in making a “disease-diagnosis”.

  • Once the “diagnosis” is made, the recommended treatment is determined based on the name of this “disease”.

  • However, the unique way the disease manifests in each individual is rarely taken into account.

  • For homeopathy, the name of the “disease-diagnosis” is just the beginning of understanding your case, not the end.

  • The unique way your symptoms are expressed and experienced is the key to understanding which homeopathic remedy will most benefit you.

  • This results in more optimal outcomes because the homeopathic recommendation is fully individualized based on your unique needs.

  • The correct homeopathic remedy does not “treat” the “disease” per se, but rather stimulates our body’s innate ability to heal.

  • This “innate ability” to heal is a normal function of our body (think of how we heal from cuts, scrapes, colds, bruises, etc.) but when we are experiencing chronic symptoms it isn’t doing its job effectively.

  • In other words, when stimulated appropriately, our body itself carries out the healing.  This results in reduction in symptoms, improvement in well-being, and restoration of health.

  • This is the opposite approach to prescribing suppressive or palliative medications.

  • These types of medications are lifesaving in emergency situations, but often come up short in helping people truly regain their health in chronic conditions.

  • Many of these medications are also associated with the “Rebound Effect” which can result in worsening of the symptoms when they are stopped (

  • Since it is our body’s own self-healing capacities that are brought online and stimulated by the correct homeopathic remedy, the improvement in health achieved with this approach accumulates over time.

  • With this approach, the ultimate long-term goal is to not need a homeopathic remedy at all in order to maintain improvements in health, provided we maintain a health-promoting lifestyle and manage stress appropriately.

  • Because your health is assessed holistically and the homeopathic recommendations work with the body rather than against the body, only a single homeopathic remedy is prescribed at a time.

  • The remedy is selected with the goal of helping all of the most bothersome and debilitating symptoms you are dealing with in the present moment.

  • Nutrition and supplements, if used, are recommended in the same careful and intentional manner.

  • This simplifies what you are asked to take and enables us to confidently assess the effects of the remedy on your health.

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